I like to let my mind wander back to the past so many times and just reflect on how far God has brought me. And in those moments, I realize that I’m always grateful to God because what seemed like a great mountain then has now become a thing of the past. Sometimes, it feels like I cannot understand the pain or stress I went through in those moments.

One of those moments happened to be when I was in my final semester in school and I had a lot on my neck. It was so overwhelming that I was wondering how I’ll survive. But I did. His Grace was sufficient for me and his strength was made perfect in my weakness. Just like me, a lot of people find themselves in situations that seems beyond them and they’re worried and anxious about it.

As a matter of fact, so many get depressed and allow themselves to be overwhelmed by that situation. We literarily forget that we’ve been through situations that were like that in the past and we scaled through, through God’s help. Ever wondered why the Israelites were always admonished to cast their minds back to how God delivered them in Egypt? For a long time, I wondered why God was constantly reminding them. And then I understood. We tend to forget things so easily, especially when we’re going through a rough and tough moment.

If there’s any Bible character I so much love and admire, it would be David because even when he’s cast down and overwhelmed by issues around him, he always remember that God had come through for him in the past and with this, he encouraged himself in the Lord.

When you find yourself surrounded by oppositions and unpleasant situations, grief can be a gift to help you make sense of your situation. But grieving is not the end of the journey. When your trust is in Jesus, you can never grieve in vain because he will always come through for you. He sees all you’re going through and he knows that it will work for you and in you a greater glory.

David’s ordeal while tending to the sheep in the bush was a preparation that ushered him into his leadership and Kingship position. The setbacks he endured paved way for his future purpose. Joseph’s ordeal in the land of Egypt while he was thrown into the prison ushered him into greatness.

What is that ordeal and unpleasant situation that seems unending that you’re going through right now? Believe that it is working for you a far better glory. Romans 8:18 (NIV) says “ I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us”. That trial, pain and trouble you’re going through right now are nothing compared to what God is working out for you.

In Psalm 91:15 (NIV), God assured us that He’ll be with us in trouble. No matter what you’re going through, know this: that Jesus is able to turn your setbacks, pains and sorrows into setups for your good and His glory. He’s more than able to make a way through your desert season. As you draw closer to Him and meditate on his word and past faithfulness, you might as well discover that what you’re going through is a training for future purposes He has for you.

Complaining keeps you captive, whilst remembering God’s faithfulness sets you free. Praise, thanksgiving and worship are the antidote to complaining and grumbling. Remember God’s faithfulness. Keep hoping and trusting in Him, for in a little while, you will praise Him. You’ll look back and have a cause to always praise Him. Psalm 42 has a word of encouragement for someone who’s getting weary and is about to give up.

Do not give up! Hope in God! Remember God’s faithfulness!