Celibacy means abstaining from sex or any form of sexual relations for a period of time or till marriage. It is a voluntary decision to abstain from sexual relations usually based on personal, moral or religious reasons. Societal norms and even religious organizations frown against pre-marital sex.

As much as the idea of celibacy is good, it is not and will never be a substitute for sexual purity. You can be celibate and not be sexually pure. A lot of people who are practising celibacy involve themselves in a lot of dirty and immoral activities but avoid the act itself. However, you cannot be sexually pure without being celibate.

A lot of single youths make commitments to be celibate. However, when you’re making the decision to be celibate (and not just celibacy, but to be sexually pure), it is very vital that you understand the reason why you’re making that decision and why God deemed it so important. Ask questions such as “why am I making this decision?”, “what is the implication of this decision I am making?”.

Answering these questions will help your commitment and you will realize that the reason you’re making that decision is not because you want to present yourself as a chaste virgin to your partner on your wedding night (which is not a bad thing actually) but because it is God’s command. It is extremely clear in His word – FLEE SEXUAL IMMORALITY (1Thessalonians 4:3, 1Corinthians 6:18, 2Timothy 2:22).

And when the temptation or urge to indulge in pre marital sex comes, it is your understanding of God’s word and His command that will help you and keep you strong, not to waver in your commitment.

Why are you abstaining from pre marital sex right now? Is it because you’re afraid you could get pregnant or you’re afraid you could get someone pregnant? Or are you just afraid of having sex?

If the reason why you aren’t having pre-marital sex now is not because you want to honor God with your body, very soon you’ll fall into it because the flesh is weak and your excuse, whatever it may be is even weaker.

The only reason we delay bodily gratification in this Kingdom is because we want to honor God.