A lot of people are struggling with so many addictions and I need not say that these addictions are negative ones such as smoking, masturbation, alcohol, phone, sex, pornography etc. These addictions are uncountless. Anything you cannot break forth from, and you do repeatedly from time to time and has become a part of you and temporary comfort zone is an addiction. The struggle with addictions is very real. If you have ever been addicted to something, you would understand what I mean.

Nowadays, you don’t need to secretly visit a pornographic site before you see it. It is now everywhere and flying around on social media. You can relate with this if you have ever been going through your timeline on social media and a nude picture or sexually explicit material comes up. And for someone who is struggling with pornography, this is a serious trigger.

Pornography is demonic. Someone once said watching other people have sex is as bad as eating other people’s faeces. God frowns at pornography. You could think pornography is a way to satisfy your sexual urges without having sex with an opposite partner but sex is also a mind activity. You cannot watch pornography without masturbating or imagining that there’s an opposite sex partner in the picture. In other words, while you are watching pornography, you have a mental image of someone you’re having sex with in your mind. This reiterates the word of Jesus Christ himself in Matthew 5:27-28.

For those who are caught in this web of sexual immorality, it is always hard to break from it because one look at it creates an hunger to look again and again. However, this desire is not satisfied and this is why the one caught up in the web of pornography will one day commit that sin with someone else. Besides, the frustration that the endless struggle with pornography brings can lead to depression. It will make you question if God really loves you, if you love God and if you were ever saved. The struggle with pornography could make you doubt your salvation, yes, it can!. If you are currently in that shoe, I’m here to tell you there is still balm in Gilead for the wounded soldier. It’s not easy to break forth but it is possible. I have been there. I have struggled with pornography for years but right now, I’m bold to declare that I am free.

You can also be free. God doesn’t love you less. Yes, your salvation is genuine. God loves sinners but detests sin, so God has a heart for you. He has seen your fruitless struggles and he wants to help you. I will be highlighting practical steps to be free from addiction to pornography

First and foremost, you need God’s help. Determination alone cannot totally save you. You need to acknowledge that your struggles has been fruitless and that the more you struggle to fight pornography, the more you fall into it. You cannot do it on your own. Cease from this fruitless struggle and cry to God for help. He’ll set you free from the demon of pornography.

Secondly, confess your fault to an elderly Christian/disciple that you can be accountable to. Let them pray for you and guide you through. The Bible says that we should confess our fault one to another and pray one for another. For the prayers of the righteous availeth much.

Also, block every channel that prompts you to watch pornography. If you have to stay off social media to achieve this, please go ahead and do so. We war not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers. The devil is such a cunning man. The moment he realizes that you’re free, he looks for way to bring you back into that bondage. Therefore burn all bridges that connects you to pornography. If it’s a particular relationship, friendship, movie, song or whatever it may be, don’t be shy or afraid to block them off. Remember, Jesus wasn’t ashamed when he went to the cross for you

Also, channel the energy and time you use in watching porn into another thing. Rather than watch porn, read a book, study the Bible,worship with songs and hymns, pray in tongues etc. Avoid what triggers you to watch pornography. Avoid staying idle and alone for too long. Mingle and associate with friends who prays for you, encourages you and hold you accountable.

Whenever the urge for pornography comes, tackle it with the word of God. The Word says you’re no longer a slave to sin and fleshly desires. You have been bought with a price and no longer your own, therefore honor God with your body. Find verses in the scripture that you can use to fight this urge and say it again and again until it becomes real to you and you realize that the urge has no hold on you again. This particularly worked for me and I’m here to tell you that the Word works. I’m a living testimony.

Finally, watch and pray. Study the scriptures and pray without ceasing. Always ask the Holy Spirit for help. See, the Holy Ghost will not ghost you. He’s there to help. Talk to him always and listen for his voice. Be obedient and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the word of God.

I know a lot of people are already asking: what if I still fall after all these? You’re not going to be totally free one day. Growth is gradual and it is step by step. If you fall, don’t let guilt push you away from God’s arm. Rather, run to his arm because that’s where your deliverance is. “There’s hope for a tree that if it be cut down, it will sprout again, and it’s new shoot will not fail” (Job 14:7). That’s God’s word to someone reading this and crying for deliverance.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, there’s hope for you. God will not push you away. Rather, he wants to heal you through His amazing love. The blood of Jesus is still available to cleanse anyone who will come to Him. Come as you are, you’re not too dirty to be washed by His blood.